December 20, 1944 – March 25, 2020

Shabbir was a retired pharmacy manager for Genoa Healthcare when he first became ill in mid-March.

From FDLE reports:

“The decedent was residing at Willow Wood Senior Living located at 2855 West Commercial Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. On 03/15/2020 the decedent was transported to the hospital after being discovered on the floor with altered mental status. On 03/17/2020 the decedent was tested for COVID-19 and the results were confirmed positive on 03/19/2020. He continued to decline and was pronounced deceased on 03/25/2020.”

According to DOH records, 8 residents have died at Atria’s Willow Wood Senior Living center in Broward County, where Pabani was living.

Atria’s for-profit, 180 bed facility currently has 11 cases, according to DOH’s latest report, though it’s important to note that case data for assisted living facility’s is, according to DOH, “not cumulative,” but there is no clear definition on what exactly the data is showing.

The Atria facility Mr. Pabani lived at also has a number of complaints filed against it by AHCA, according to public records.

According to AHCA records, Atria was the first company to petition the state to allow exemptions to the law meant to protect vulnerable residents during power outages. Willow Wood was the third facility at Atria (and in the state) to request such an exemption.

The facility has requested waivers four times in the last year to the Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA), asking every three months for “more time” to comply with regulations regarding emergency power at long-term care facilities that were signed into law by then-Governor Rick Scott after Hurricane Irma.

Atria Willow Wood submitted their most recent waiver request just two days after Mr. Pabani’s death.

He was a fan of The Beatles, Carole Kind and Reba McEntire. He emigrated from Karachi, Pakistan, and he was buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Though I couldn’t find much more about Mr. Pabani, his facebook page is filled with love from friends and family, silly pictures he shared with his relatives, and a few messages of “Rest in peace.”