Photo of Daequan Wimberly from his father’s GoFundMe campaign.

This one’s heartbreaking.

Daequan Wimberly died at age 11 on June 30, 2020 from complications caused by COVID-19.

At the time of his death, he was the youngest person known to have died from COVID-19 in the state.

This sweet little boy struggled with medical issues his entire short life.

When was about 18 months old, his mother, reportedly overwhelmed with the challenges that faced her young child, “had to let him go, and it was for the best,” said Bishop Jerrly Lee Wimberly.

At five years old, despite his continued medical and developmental struggles, Wimberly adopted Daequan.

From the Tampa Bay Times:

“He was happy. He could have been an usher anywhere,” said Gladys Brown, a family friend and church member. “He wouldn’t stop until he shook everyone’s hand.”

Undergoing dialysis three times a week, Daequan’s symptoms started in mid-June, and he died just a few weeks later (though DOH didn’t add him as a case until one day after his death).

From the Tampa Bay Times:

Wimberly described him as a charismatic child who became beloved at the North Miami-Dade church. “He loved dressing up,” Wimberly said.

But Daequan fell ill with a fever about two weeks ago. At Jackson Memorial Hospital, where the boy normally went for treatment, he was diagnosed with COVID-19 on June 19.

“Before I left the emergency room, he was having trouble breathing,” Wimberly said.

Adding to the tragedy, his father contracted the virus, as well.

From the Tampa Bay Times:

“Wimberly, 74, could not be by his adopted son’s side when he died. He too had contracted the coronavirus and remains hospitalized.”

Daequan’s death was included in Florida’s coronavirus tally on Thursday. He is the third minor in the state to die from complications relating to the novel coronavirus.

The other two deaths were a 17-year-old girl from Lee County, who died at Miami’s Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, and a 17-year-old boy in Pasco County.

If you are willing and able, a GoFundMe was set up to help his family cover the costs of his funeral.